Hirifa life, without wallets and shoes

Today I would like to take you to a truly magical place, a remote little corner in the middle of the Pacific called Hirifa.

In the recent years, this bay became very populat. Many sailors drop the anchor planning to stay a night of two and end up staying for weeks, months, or even years (last year I even met a friend who was my neighbor there in 2015!).
You might ask why and I will try to answer with some pictures:

The colours are spectacular
There is a nice little bar on the beach, much appreciated because they are very rare in Polynesia
The constant tradewinds offer many opportunities for fun: windsurfing, kiting, wingfoilng, you name it.
But even on windless days there is always lots of fun to be had on the water and on the beach
Besides, the locals are very nice....
In the evening we all meet at the beach for the Polynesian dance class....
And then it's time for dinner. We make a fire, put some fish on it, open the beer, chat under the stars enjoying our simple uncomplicated lives without wallets and shoes.