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I became a qualified sailing instructor in 2002. Now I work mostly with adults on monohulls. We chase horizons together, jump aboard with us!

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I sailed several times with Jasna, in Polynesia, Italy and in Croatia. She knows all the places she takes you to very well and, as locals usually do, she wants her guests to see and experience the most beautiful things while respecting nature and people. What makes spending time with her so enjoyable is her sincerity, on which she builds both relationships and business ties.

Sailing with Jasna is a very calming experience, especially because I feel safe on the boat with her. But not because she is looking after everyone, but because every time all of us, even the inexperienced ones, are up to date: everyone knows what is happening on the boat and at sea, what the destination is and what needs to be done on the way to get there. The experience is therefore both educational and a real break from the rush that dictates our lives. The sails of Jasna's boat are always set towards the land of no worries.


I already knew that Polynesia was a dream destination because of my job in the travel office and because of Jasna's stories and pictures. But when I was there, every time I looked up, I said to myself "this is a hundred, thousand times more beautiful than the pictures and the stories". I would go to Polynesia with Jasna again and again: because of her excellent organisation, because of the carefully chosen team, because of the relaxed atmosphere that Jasna can create, but above all because she offers sailing among the islands and in the lagoons. I believe that you can only get to know the real Polynesia from the sea and it is only on the sea that you really feel it fully and that dreamlike feeling stays with you forever.



I took a three-day sailing course in the Gulf of Trieste. In addition to her excellent teaching skills and experience, Jasna managed to pass on to us her great love for sailing and the sea. We were all very impressed. Thank you, Jasna!


I would like to take this opportunity to praise Jasna's work. I really enjoyed her course and, more importantly, I learned a lot from it. She was great. She is kind, smiling, calm and really knows her stuff. Every time I encountered a problem, she immediately found an effective solution and helped me to soon become more confident in my sailing abilities.


Before my first solo skipper venture, I had some questions about raising/lowering/shortening sails with a lazy jack. I also wanted to try to heave-to. We covered all of this, so I filled in the holes in my knowledge (which I know I have) that were 'gnawing' at me a bit. Much more knowledge will come with experience, I know.


My three-day sailing experience with Jasna was undoubtedly a memorable trip. From the very first moment, I could feel her infectious passion for sailing and the sea, which made the whole adventure exciting and instructive. Jasna is not only a competent instructor, but also a passionate soul who loves to share her knowledge and experience. During the trip, she showed infinite patience in guiding the group, providing clear instructions and encouraging everyone's participation. Her professionalism and friendly approach created a relaxed and comfortable environment on board. In addition, the sunset and the night spent at anchor added a touch of romance and wonder to the overall experience.
In conclusion, I highly recommend a sailing adventure with Jasna to anyone who wants to learn how to manoeuvre the boat safely and have a unique experience.


What I liked most about the course was how Jasna, after a comprehensive explanation, started calmly sharing instructions as if she had the best team on board. Jasna is positive and patient, exactly what an adult learner wants, she is serious without being strict. She brought together a diverse group into a crew that would have been happy to just keep sailing, even though the course was over.

Nina testimonial jasna


 Jasna's experience and knowledge were essential in organising our honeymoon in French Polynesia. She gave us a lot of valuable advice, contacts and recommendations that only someone who has lived there can know. If you want a real and authentic experience, Jasna is the right person for you! She is also kind and generous. Jasna, with your help our trip was amazing, thank you! 

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It is impossible to give a short description of my trip to French Polynesia with Jasna. To say it was a dream trip is an understatement. It was epic, divine, carefree, fantastically guided, everything taken care of, on the water, under the water, on land... to put all the impressions together... impossible. Would I do it again? Is that even a question Jasna, 😉 thank you, thank you, thank you from my ❤