For those who are in the process of deciding whether moving aboard a sailing boat full time is the right choice, for those who have already decided and need help with the next steps, and for those who would like to sail temporarily or indefinitely towards the horizon and have a lot of questions, both technical (about setting up the boat) and bureaucratic, practical, psychological, etc.

We will begin the first session by analysing your doubts and fears. Having taken this step myself and having lived this lifestyle for almost a decade, I will be able to answer most of your questions. I can help you plan your future on a realistic basis, advising you on the right steps to take to reach your goal and on the most important mistakes to avoid.

I will be happy to help you start your life at sea in the best possible way


This coaching is for those who want to organise a trip to Polynesia without a travel agency. 
Why do I recommend you contact me?
It is hard to organize a trip in a country you don’t know. French Polynesia is a destination I know well and visit regularly. I have personally visited all the Marquesas Islands, many Tuamotu atolls and all the Society Islands. For each destination I can recommend the best accommodation and the attractions not to be missed. If you would like to add a few days on a sailing boat to your trip, I will provide you with the contact details of those I think are suitable for you.

We start the meeting by talking about your preferences, as different groups of people want different experiences. I will then present all the transport options (planes, ferries, etc.) and types of accommodation. Based on your wishes and your budget, we can work together to create the ideal travel plan.
I’ll also be on hand to answer any practical questions you may have, from what to take with you to SIM cards, cash/credit cards and the dangers to avoid so as not to spoil your holiday.

You can choose to attend just one session or a package of three (an initial meeting, another to review the plan and a final one before departure). The latter option includes a free paperback copy of my bestselling book All the Colours of Polynesia (value 45$).

DURATION: 45 min

ONLINE: Zoom, Skype or Meet

PRICE: € 60