• I became a certified sailing instructor in 2002 and since then I have taught the basics of sailing to countless people of all ages. Every summer for ten years I led the sailing school for kids in Sistiana bay and in fact, even my bachelor’s thesis at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana was actually born on the sea – in it I develop a different way of teaching sailing – throug playing and fun games. I loved working with children but now I prefer to run courses for adults on monohulls. I really want every student to learn in a pleasant and entertaining way but I also want everyone to learn enough to feel at home while on a boat. That’s why I only teach very small groups.


DATES 2024:

  • April 20-21 (sold out)
  • April 27-28 (sold out)
  • June 1-2 (sold out)

You don’t need any prior knowledge for this course. If you have sailed before and know th basics, we will build on that knowledge.

Course Content:

  • Med-mooring (how to enter and leave the marina berth in different wind conditions)
  • Basic knots
  • Sail trim for all points of sail
  • Tacking and gybing in a safe way
  • Communication between crew members
  • Safe anchoring
  • Reefing both sails
  • Heaving to
  • Man overboard scenarios
  • Basics navigational skills (reading and understanding a chart)
  • Rights of way at sea
  • Use of different navigational instruments


Every participant is always active and has the opportunity to try many different roles. Everyone learns how to steer for all point of sail, how to use a winch, trim the sails, work with the mooring lines, how to raise and drop the mainsail and how to give proper instructions to the other crew members while at the helm.


DATES 2024:

  • June 17- 19
  • July 8 – 13 

This course is an upgrade for those who already know the basics. 

Course content:

  •  Navigation 
  • Chart work
  • Coastal navigation
  • Night navigation
  • Safety (tasks before and during navigation)
  • Organizing the shifts
  • Software and apps to be familiar with (weather and navigation)
  • How to anchor safely for the night
  • Meal planning for longer passages
  • Using navigational instruments

    The courses have a maximum of four students who take turns to act as skipper for a few hours. The skipper’s task is to coordinate the crew, make decisions, check the course and the hazards on it, take responsibility for the safety of the boat and share the tasks among the crew members. In this course I usually hand over the reins and remain available for questions, doubts and in case of need. The aim is for the crew to work as autonomously as possible


Sometimes the best choice in terms of time, energy and money is a course that is tailored to you, your family or a group of friends. These courses are designed for those who know exactly what they want/need.


  • If you have bought or inherited a sailing boat and need help getting to know her, we can run the course on your boat.
  • You are only interested in a course on mooring/docking and marina maneuvers 
  • You already have a list of questions or things you would like to learn and you have limited time.
  • You and your friends/family want to rent a boat without a skipper, but you are not 100% sure that you will be able to handle all the situations that may arise.

These courses are completely tailored to your wishes and needs, so the method, duration and timing are decided on a case-by-case basis. If you feel that a tailor-made course is what you need, please do not hesitate to contact me. It will be a great pleasure to help you achieve your goals!