Tahuata during the Grand Soleil Cup 2022 regatta in Portopiccolo

My boat is a Grand Soleil 39, build by the highly regarded Del Pardo shipyard and designed by the great Alain Jezequel.

I am totally in love. On one side, it is a very fast boat, while on the other she is also very solid, which is very important to me.

I never know where my routes will take me and therefore I could never be the owner of a boat with which I would not feel like sailing around the world.


jasna tuta vela
Sometimes I sail alone..
..other times I have a lot of friends on board – the size is perfect for both options

The interior is very warm and cozy.

The Kitchen
Lots of space for friends
The forepeak
The on-board library

And why is it called Tahuata?

There is a small bay, in the Marquesas Islands, called Hanamoenoa. I left a little piece of my heart there. In that beautiful bay time seems to stop and you get the feeling of living on another planet, far away from everything. There is no path to get there. There is no cell phone coverage and the internet connection does not exist. There is sand, there are palm trees and there is the sea. That’s it!

This is the place where I swam for the first time with manta rays, where I saw my first shark and where I met Steven, a special friend who taught me to watch the sea with my heart. This is the place where I learned that without the superfluous I can live better. I spent whole weeks in that bay, so many wonderfully simple days.

Hanamoenoa is located on the east coast of the island of Tahuata and that’s why I decided to name my boat after it.